This is what BB10 house looks like!!

Finally the season is about to air today that makes us wait for a whole year!

While the host remains the same(and we love that) what undergoes a change every year is the house of Bigg Boss!

Like always the house is quite different from the previous one, better and exciting!

This time we love the fact that Bigg Boss’s modern house is inspired by our ancient royal architecture with decorated ceilings & archs, beautiful motifs …all amalgamate to form a modern house with a hint of the past! Everything is so colourful, bright, traditional, royal and reminds us of an ancient palace❤️

Lets take you to a tour of the house before the show airs-


The bedroom where maximum chaos & fights take place! This time there are 7 joint beds whereas 7 separate!!


Bathroom!! Everything is inspired by our traditions thus bathroom is beautified by peacock feather and the walls are all what royal looks like! To add we have a bathtub this time!



The garden area!


This is the gym area adorned with beautiful ceiling motifs.




Kitchen and the dining area!! The kitchen is a bright area adorned with shelves that look clay made! The dining table with its chairs is royal.


And this is the seating area which is going to be our entertainement and the contestants trouble during weekends!


And the jail is back but it seems that the prisoners to be will pass their days in this confinement without a lot of trouble.


Lovely decorated corners with a quite traditional background and well carved wooden mirror frames.

Bigg Boss airs from today at 9 pm and from 10:30 to 11:30 at weekdays.

-Aditi Mehrotra(@fashionredefine)


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