Rishina Kandhari is making us go wow!

Rishina Kandhari, indian television actress has earlier acted in serials like Uttaran, Na aana is des laado. Recently she has been playing the role of an IPS officer in Diya aur Bati Hum. It was in this daily soap that her charisma caught our attention so much!

Recently she had been chilling in Goa and this bikini pic of hers is going viral for all the right reasons!


We were petrified by her personality and finally decided to stalk her on instagram and came to the realisation that our senses should have been more sharp & our reflexes more promt so that we would not have missed all her extravaganza!!!

Here Fashion Redefine brings to you some shortlisted pics from her instagram account which are hot as hell and from right now we’re going to follow each of her activity! Here are her glamorous avatars:



Trendy, beautiful,charismatic with a style of her own! We love it!

Appreciate her beauty, in the meantime we’ll repent for not having discovered her earlier!

-Aditi Mehrotra(@fashionredefine)

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