10 Times when Celebrities owned Manish Malhotra’s ramp!

Manish Malhotra’s connection with bollywood has always made us awestruck when it came to his shows. As we just love the combination of Bollywood and Manish Malhotra so we completely adore the star studded ramp and the celebrity showstoppers.

Here at ‘Fashion Redefine’ we have shortlisted the best, timeless ramp walks of some celebrities for Manish Malhotra from which we can’t take our eyes off.

One definitely needs to see these as they can be said to be the best moments in fashion…


The sweetest comeback made by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the ramp by walking for Manish Malhotra.


This was when Alia Bhatt walked the ramp for Manish for the first time and made a statement that an actress is never complete without walking the ramp for him.


First time when Deepika along with Shahrukh walked the ramp for him and just killed it in a blue lehenga and changed the bride’s conception of a red lehenga.


This was when the much awaited Ranbir Kapoor walked the ramp for Manish Malhotra’s first Menswear show!!!


Now this sight says it all…

It is enough to tell that Manish Malhotra is the best. Because despite the fracture in his hand Shahrukh Khan didn’t refuse to walk the ramp for him. What a gesture to adore him❤️


When Amitabh Bachchan and Shweta Nanda walked the ramp for him ❤️

Speechless 😘


Everytime when Kareena walks the ramp for Manish it is definitely a sight to adore. It is just that we love her presence on the ramp for him because the outfit is as gorgeous as always but we love their bonding the most.


We loved the high spirited and energetic father-daughter duo on the ramp!


This was when the talented father- son duo walked the ramp for him. Maybe the first time whe Javed and Farhan Akhtar were seen on a ramp together!


This is when all the superstar actors of bollywood looked super dapper on the ramp. P.S. They also lifted up Manish Malhotra on the ramp as a mark of respect to the timeless designer.

-Aditi Mehrotra (@fashionredefine)





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