The 5 best instagram posts of Hrithik Roshan!

Because we love all his posts so it was difficult to pick best from the best!

So here are the best instagram posts of the actor from ‘Kaho na pyar hai’ who has always amused us with his acting skills and will continue to do so ….

1. The trending one

We all know the trending poster of Mohenjodaro which is totally worth it and how eagerly we are waiting fir the movie to get released!


2.The hidden artist

He is an actor so why are we talking about his doodlings? Because he is doing it himself in order to teach his kids. We love that and don’t judge him as he’s trying to improve further…:)


3.Childhood photo

This photo of Hrithik with Amitabh Bachchan is literally so sweet. We love the kid Hrithik so sweetly looking in the camera with Amit Ji by his side.


4. Chilling with his sons

Now this pic is totally cool . As Hrithik posing with his sons is damn adorable. His funky side….


5. Because there is something about the Spanish sun…

Well said Hrithik because we totally agree to it. The Spanish sun is making you shine brighter ❤️




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