The awesome Delhi Food!

I welcome all you food lovers to read this literally mouth watering article on Delhi Food. And those of you who are not foodies but are still here, don’t worry you’ll turn into one as and when you start scrolling !

North Indians are habitual food lovers! It won’t be wrong if someone says that they live to eat! And why would they not if the capital city itself offers mouth watering delicacies!

From the street food to those expensive restaurants Delhi offers lip smacking food everywhere!

Be it any cuisine, desserts or the famous Delhi chaat, you can’t walk away from it without savouring it!

Well, without wasting much time let’s have a tour around Delhi and show you all that lip smacking stuff!

Let us start with the famous Delhi Chaat!



Aloo tikki, pani puri, papdi chaat,rajkachori……all together make up for the perfect chaat experience!


What’s more in it is Bhelpuri!

For all the non-veg lovers!


Yes, these are those juicy & lip smacking kebabs from the Kebab Gali! You must make a visit.



From jalebi to chocolate mousse however different they may be but what binds them together is the fantastic, out of the world taste that they contain!

Breaking stereotypes and serving south indian!


Who says that North Indians can’t make tasty south Indian cuisine. They can make it as delicious as they can and serve it in a presentable manner!




Now we have the north Indian kulche chole and the famous namkeen- Samosa i.e. over here is filled with paneer!

Hope this is enough for you to pack your bags and jump to those streets!

-Aditi Mehrotra (@fashionredefine)






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