Good news for Sonam Kapoor fans!

Sonam Kapoor  came up with a surprise for all her fans when she recently launched an app of her own.

The app has been launched in collaboration with Disciple Media. This is simply a Paradise for all the Sonam lovers!


The app starts with an intro given by Sonam herself. And then to become a part of ‘The Tribe’ you need to sign up.


Then there is a workaholic section where you can see behind the scenes photos & videos. 


You can now get fashion tips, health & nutrition tips and style & makeup secrets right from Sonam.

This does not ends here!

There is a section-‘My Tribe’ where all the Sonamholics can chat with one another and with her.

Sonam will also surprise her app users by going live at times!

Sonam Kapoor launched this app wearing a  Dolce and Gabbana outfit.


So what are you waiting for. Download the app NOW!

-Aditi Mehrotra (@fashionredefine)


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