5 gardens around the world that will take your breath away!!

Gardens are a paradise for all the art lovers, design lovers and fashion lovers! As they are a source of inspiration for many.

Apart from that they provide peace to the mind…..so the next time when you are stressed out or get a vacation, do pack your bags and visit these beautiful gardens that i have shortlisted for you from around the world!!!

  1. Hidcote Manor, UK

This beautiful garden looks as if it is coming out of some fairytale or The Princess Diaries! 😊

2.Lotusland, USA

This extravagant garden, crafted beautifully, surely offers a relaxing stroll.

3.Mount Stewart, North Ireland



mt stewart house gardens are a treat to the eyes. They truly have a royal appeal!

4.Majorelle garden, Morocco

Deigned by an artist, influenced by islamic traditions- this blue themed garden-once entered ,is hard to leave 😍

5.Ninfa, Italy


This romantic garden took three generations of women to build it and no doubt about the fact that it’s worth it !

-Aditi Mehrotra(@fashionredefine)




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