When it comes to Bags, It comes to Gucci!


For all the baglovers, Gucci has always been a brand to look for. Gucci bags are classy,trendy & perfectly cater to the needs of it’s customers.

Here i have picked some of the best designs of 2016 and telling you, how & where they can be styled!!


This Gucci bag is a perfect delight for an office going or a business woman as the colors are not very vibrant and are just perfect for official use, so is the design.


This cheerful floral print definitely deserves all the attention. It keeps you in high energy so it is ideal choice for a fun party with friends.


This Gucci print is trending these days. The bag is not very large in size and trendy at the same time, so i do suggest it for a Sunday brunch.


This bag has  a  class. A charming dressed up you will surely compliment it. This is suitable for a Dinner or party at a club.


This bag has got those colours that you can carry throughout the day. Take it to college or it can accompany you for shopping!!!!

-Aditi Mehrotra(@fashionredefine)





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